5 bold statements of Kareena Kapoor Khan that became a talking point!

Kareena had screen tested for ‘Devdas’ but Bhansali cast Aishwarya as Paro eventually. In an interview with Filmfare, Kareena had said, “Sanjay Bhansali is a confused director. He is a person who does not stand by his word. He doesn’t have any morals and principles in life. Tomorrow, even if he is the next Raj Kapoor or Guru Dutt, and if my films don’t do well and if I’m a flop actress, I will still not work with him.” Later the actress had said that things had blown out of proportion in the media but ‘Devdas’ is still not the last film he’ll make and he owes her a solo-heroine film. In fact, recently she also confessed that she would love to work with Bhansali, it’s on her wish list but for that Taimur would have to be 10 years old so she can give time.

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