50 Iconic Outfits from ‘KUWTK’ You Forgot About

When Kim Wore This Pussy Bow Shirt

Definitely cannot imagine Kim wearing this today.

And When She Wore This Plastic Headband

Inspired by Lauren Conrad from The Hills.

When She Layered a Lot of Necklaces

In her defense, initial necklaces were pretty in during that era.

When Kim Wore These Earrings

When Kris Did This Nude Shoot

One of the most memorable “early Kris Jenner” scenes.

When Kourtney Was in Her Mini Vest Era

2022 Kourtney would never.

When Kim Wore This Fabulous Bikini

When Khloé Had These Bangs

And When She Wore This Bandana

Choices continued to be made.

And This Bandana

She was in her bandana era.

When Kim Stepped Out in This Jacket

When Khloé Wore This Coat

A lot of colors and patterns going on.

Honestly, She Loved a Plaid

Everyone loved plaid back then.

When Kylie Had This Hair Streak

That’s the hair of a future billionaire.

When Khloé Wore This Giant Green Hat

And This Headband.

Does Khloé know how a headband works?

When Scott Showed Up in This

When Kim Did Her Famous Cupcakes Photo Shoot

Cupcakes were never the same after this.

When Kim Brought This Lost Dog to the Pound

At least her outfit was cute.

When Scott Entered His Cardigan Era

And Then Kris Wore This

Who wore stripes better: Kris or Scott?

When Jonathan Cheban Rocked This Hair

The Outfits Kourt and Scott Wore to Therapy

Scott looks like Christian Bale in American Psycho.

When Kris Wore This for Scott’s Birthday

Is it a shirt? Is it a necklace? Is it a necklace attached to a shirt?

When Khloé and Kourt Hit the Beach in These Looks

When Khloé Wore a Fedora to Family Game Night

Kourtney’s face says it all.

When Kris Wore Yet Another Amazing Sweater

Her sweaters were everything.

When Kourtney Was in Her Indoor Scarf Era

It can’t be that cold in Los Angeles.

Kim’s Street Style

She should bring this back for Fall 2022.

When Kylie Wore This Headband

When Kris Was Casually Playing Pool in This

Only Kris could wear a purple bodycon leapord print dress to play pool at home.

When Kim Wore This Confusing Shirt

Someone get Balenciaga on the phone.

When Kris Wore This in Greece

And Kourtney Wore This in Greece

The Kardashians’ Greece trip was a lot.

When Everyone Wore Flower Crowns at Kim’s Baby Shower

Kardashians and Coachella combined.

When Kim got Married to Kris Humphries

So many headband moments.

And When She Wore This to Sign Her Marriage License

She doesn’t look too happy.

When Kim Attempted to Play Tennis

And When She Attempted to Play Golf

She’s committed to the looks.

When Kris Mixed Every Available Print

When Kourtney Wore This Floppy Hat

The Kardashians wear many hats.

When Kris Matched Her Hair Rollers to Her Shirt

When Kourt and Kim Wore These Bikinis

Inspiration for the next Skims swimwear launch?

When Kim Wore a Blonde Wig

When Kris Wore This Off-the-Shoulder Number

When Kourtney Wore What Looks Like a Bump-It

When Khloé Wore This Sideways Baseball Hat

Nonstop hats on this show.

When Kim Ventured Out in Lime Green

When Kourtney Looked Super Chic

Bangs, silk, and a bold red lip just work for her.

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