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50 new health centres for Tamil Nadu at cost of Rs 120 crore

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian on Sunday said 50 Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and urban PHCs will be set up across the state at a cost of 120 crore in the next one year.

The state will bear 40% of the expenses incurred towards building these centres and paying the medical staff. The rest will be funded by the Union Health Ministry.

The state already has 2,127 such health centres, which are the first formal contact for medical facilities. which provide basic preventive and curative care to patients. Each of these centres have a medical officer and nurses and other staff to support doctors.

“We are keen on improving the health infrastructure and medical services, particularly along rural, hilly and tribal areas. These 50 new centres will be established in locations where there is an urgent need for such services … we are planning to open them for public use within one year,” Subramanian said.

The minister also provided a status check on two key government health schemes Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam (doorstep healthcare scheme) and Innuyir Kaapom Thittam-Nammai Kaakum 48 (accident care).

Under the first scheme, the state has identified around 93.6 lakh unique beneficiaries with diabetes or hypertension and has distributed close to 2.3 crore medical kits to them. Using the 108 crore, sanctioned through the other scheme, the state has saved lives of 1.2 lakh road accident victims in the last one year, according to official data presented by him.

On Diwali preparedness, the minister said all district headquarters and medical college hospitals are ready with 5-20 beds in burns wards.

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