Addressing Real Life Big Data Challenges – Diana Murray


Diana Murray, who is currently placed as a Research Scientist, is an alumnus of the Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by the University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with Great Learning. In her review of the course, Diana appreciates the extensive modules that covered all the essential aspects related to the field.

“The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program is a great experience. I am impressed with the breadth and depth of the material covered.”

Along with a comprehensive module structure, the course is facilitated by excellent faculty from the best university. Personalized program support is assigned to all the learners for the complete duration of the program. A program manager assists the learners with the modules and the hands-on project. They ensure that the learners face no hindrance in completing the entire program.

“The program administrators, mentors, special topics presenters, and project graders were helpful, responsive, and professional.”

The hands-on projects provide the learners with a window to look at the real-life applications and prepare them to solve the problems practically. Our former learner highlights the importance of the projects and writes that,

“Exceptional aspects of the program are the course projects which address real-life big data analytics problems.”

An additional feature that adds to the comprehensibility of the program is its weekly mentoring sessions. These sessions are taken up by industry experts who bring extensive experience for the learners.

“Mentor learning sessions which review and clarify the weekly material and provide additional applications and insights related to advanced implementations by data science professionals.”

The program enables the overall growth and development of the learners. Along with the classroom lectures, learners connect with learners from across the globe and thus can gain a broader perspective. Diana Murray talks about this in her review and mentions that,

“The course structure encourages strong engagement, and I enjoyed working hard to master the concepts and skills.”

The program assisted Diana in her research and thus proved to be credible.

The programs at Great Learning thus ensure that their learners are trained to be the leaders of the future and are fully equipped with the market-relevant skills.

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