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New Delhi: The director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has made it mandatory for all staff members to wear their designated uniforms and display identity cards to weed out unauthorised people, mainly agents from private hospitals and labs, visiting the hospital to exploit patients. The entry of such people should strictly be barred from the AIIMS campus, said the order.

In a circular issued on Friday, the new director, Dr M Srinivas, stated that it had been observed that some unidentified/unauthorised individuals belonging to certain private companies/hospitals/laboratories/radiology centres/establishments were roaming inside the campus to seek business from the patients visiting AIIMS. They are also facilitating OPD cards and admission to AIIMS, and offering and diverting patients for laboratory/radiology investigations to private labs/radiology centres, the circular pointed out. Besides, some of these agents are selling medications, disposables, surgical items and implants.

The circular stated, “Wearing designated uniform and displaying ID cards is a simple method to enhance the security at workplace. All the staff of AIIMS should ensure that ID cards are worn within the campus. Moreover, the staff working in the operation theatre should have their names embroidered on their scrubs.”

“All the doctors, nurses and staff members are instructed that even on slightest suspicion of presence of any unauthorised/unidentified person in the campus or around the departments be immediately reported on the special WhatsApp number 9355023969,” the circular stated, adding that the security staff should ensure that all such people are handed over to the AIIMS police post for trespassing and exploiting patients.

If any such person is found in any part of the campus, the respective area in-charges, including senior resident doctors, faculty and nursing officers, will be held responsible and deemed to be helping these agents/touts and disciplinary action will be taken against them, the circular added.

The department heads have been requested to address all waiting lists, which will prevent patients from falling into the trap of these agents and getting exploited financially, it stated.

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