And Now, 37 Luxe Staples That Are Anything But Vanilla

I’ve lived in New York City for over two years now, and I will let you in on a little secret: Summer in the city is underrated. Yes, it’s unbelievably hot, and the hindrances that arise in the season (like skin rashes, ruining perfectly great sandals in the rain, and sweating through every one of your favorite dresses) feel like the city itself is putting you through a trail-run. Still, there is something magical about summers in New York. The secret to surviving sweltering heat, and even enjoying it I’ve found comes down to owning an arsenal of summer staples

So in that vein, I’ve rounded up 37 luxe summer staples, all under $300, that will help you not break a sweat this summer (figuratively and literally). From fabulous linen separates to cute sandals, these staples can make surviving in the big apple a breeze, but they’re guaranteed to make it easier in any zip code.

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