BHU’s 74 scientist in top 2% of world scientists, Check Stanford University’s list

The top two percent of scientists in the world include 74 scientists from Banaras Hindu University. This time Stanford University has released the list. Last year 72 scientists were included in this list.
The top two percent of scientists in the world include 74 scientists from Banaras Hindu University. The list, which is released annually by Stanford University, has added two more scientists this year. These include 36 scientists from the university main campus, six from the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU and 32 from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), BHU.
IMAS BHU Prof. Shyam Sundar is ranked 326th in the world and Professor of General Medicine Department of IMS BHU. Shyam Sundar is included in the top 0.0503 percent scientists of the world, thus he is ranked 326th among 648015 scientists working in his field. Former Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. TP Chaturvedi is among the 1.3701 percent dentists in the world. He has been elected 1038th in the world. Professor of Ayurveda Faculty, Vibi Tripathi is included in 1.7288 percent of scientists, his global ranking is 1721.
Neurosurgeon of IMS Prof. SK Bhattacharya is at 5190th position, Jaya Chakraborty of General Medicine is at 5626th position and Prof. from General Medicine in IMS-BHU. Shyam Sundar ranks first in BHU. Their global ranking in General Medicine is 333. Dr. Jahar Sarkar of Mechanical Engineering at IIT-BHU has got the second position in BHU. Mechanical Engineering, their global ranking is 62nd. IIT’s Dr. Pranjal Chandra (Global Ranking 190) is at the third position, Dr. Yogesh C. Sharma from Environment Science at the fourth position is ranked 169th, Dr. Pratyush Shukla (Global Ranking 91) from Biotechnology is at the fifth position.
– Pro. Shyam Sundar, IMS-BHU’s global ranking is 333rd.
– The Global Ranking of Dr. Jahar Sarkar of IIT-BHU is 62nd.
– Dr. Pranjal Chandra’s global ranking in IIT-BHU was 190th.
BHU’s genetics got place for the first time:
For the first time in BHU, Legal and Forensic Medicine and Genetics have also been included in this list. From this field, Prof. Dnyaneshwar Choubey has got first position in BHU. Dnyaneshwar Choubey has been ranked 71st in the Global Ranking of Stanford List. His global ranking is 71st. Dr. Neha Gupta has got 9099th rank from Artificial Intelligence and Imaging Processing. At the same time, the maximum five names in this list are scientists of Plant Biology and Botany from BHU.

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