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The Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics by the University of Texas, in collaboration with Great Learning, is the most relevant course for acquiring essential skills and knowledge in this field. The program allows you to develop market-relevant skills that will further help you excel in your career.

Vijay Pawar, working as a Senior Product Engineer (Imagery Content Management), appreciates the course for its vast yet relevant curriculum. He writes in his review that, 

“This course has given me a detailed overview of data modeling and with a considerable amount of its time being devoted to basic concepts of statistics has proved immensely valuable.”

He asserts that the course curriculum is well-drafted and best suited for both beginners and advanced learners. The course comes with carefully designed modules and a hands-on project which introduces the learners to real-life applications and problems associated with this field.

Along with lectures from brilliant faculty, mentoring sessions are taken up weekly to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts. Along with the revision, the mentors, and the industry experts, introduce the students to real-life situations in the marketAppreciating the mentoring sessions, Vijay writes that,

“The weekly sessions provide the appropriate knowledge base, and the weekend mentored sessions help build up a foundation and, yes, get your queries answered.”

The course helped Vijay boost his skills and delve into better career prospects. Applying the skills acquired through this course allowed him to make progress in his career.

Our alumni and their successful careers today reflect the credibility and appropriateness of the courses offered at Great Learning.

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