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The MIT IDSS Data Science and Machine Learning Program in collaboration with Great Learning enable the learners to make informed data-driven decisions in their careers. The program features a comprehensive learning journey, including online lectures from the excellent faculty at MIT IDSS and a hands-on project to ensure practical knowledge.

Cartwritte Wambua, currently working as a Senior Business Intelligence and Data Engineer, is a former program alumnus. Wambua, in his review of the program, explains how the design and structure of the program proved to be highly effective for his career development. 

“In this 10-week program, I learned a lot, felt like a lot of information overload at some points, but what made it easier for me is how efficient their content delivery is, how well structured the program is, and how knowledgeable the faculty is.”

The program is managed by dedicated program support, which ensures that all the learners can complete the program smoothly without any hindrance. The program managers are assigned to each learner. They assist the learners with the lectures and with the hands-on project. Praising the support from the managers, Wambua mentions that, 

“Above all, my program manager Shruti Gupta played a huge role in me being able to finish this program. She encouraged and supported me all through.”

The Data Science and Machine Learning Program allow you to excel in your career by helping you in acquiring all the market-relevant skills. The program trains the learners to be the data-equipped leaders of the future. Wambua mentions the essential skills that he received during the program and says that,

“I am now armed with data programing skills, statistical skills, and different methods to approach all sorts of data science problems. These approaches include predictive analytics, recommendation systems, classification and regression analysis, networking and graphical models.”

Along with the lectures, the programs at Great Learning allow its learners to interact and learn from industry experts. Weekly mentoring sessions help the learners learn from the experts’ experience and gain a practical perspective about the industry. Talking about the benefits of the mentoring session, Wambua mentions that,

“I would like to finally pass my appreciation to the entire MIT faculty that recorded the videos, the industry experts who took through the conceptual hands-on skills sessions and mentor learning sessions.”

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