Cool ’90s Fashion Staples Our Eyeing Is Eyeing

When it comes to personal style, my looks recently have been gravitating most closely to ’90s minimalist fashion. While my wardrobe has shifted over the years and is constantly evolving, I always come back to nineties-inspired fashion staples as the core pieces in my closet. Specifically, I identify with the cool, minimal items that brands like Prada, Calvin Klein, and Helmut Lang put on the map in the decade.

While I already have plenty of ’90s-inspired pieces sitting in my wardrobe, I have a running shopping list of new finds that are currently in my cart. From pretty mesh tank tops and strapless tube dresses to sleek throwback bags and maxi skirts, my summer shopping list is taking major cues from all things nineties style. Ahead, see everything that made the cut. You can plan on seeing me wear some of these exact items in the near future.

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