Diddy Honors Late Kim Porter In 2022 BET Awards Acceptance Speech

“Prayer works,” he shared. “I’m gonna pray for y’all, pray for me, let’s pray for each other.”

Reflecting on his childhood, Diddy recalled seeing visions that inspired him to reach for the stars. “I just closed my eyes and dreamed and I saw what I had to do,” he said. “I knew I had to work hard.”

He continued, “I had to get focused, man. I had to get locked in because life is important. And we ain’t here just for ourselves, we here for our ancestors, you feel me?”

The artist then revealed his “new dream” for the future.

“I have this dream of us unifying. Not just talk on the stage for us,” he explained. “We know our community and our allies. If you with us, don’t be solid. Put some money in the game, put some fight in the game. I got that dream, you know what I’m saying? For us to be free.”

Concluding his speech, Diddy announced that he planned to donate $1 million dollars to his alma mater Howard University as well as another million to football coach Deion Sanders and Jackson State University “because he should play for us.”

“Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart,” Diddy shared. “I love y’all. Peace.”

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