Explained: WhatsApp Call Links and what it means for users

Meta Platforms’ CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced a new feature for the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp on his Facebook account. This new feature named Call Links will help users to set up calls by creating direct links to both audio and video calls. Apart from this, the company’s CEO has also mentioned that WhatsApp will soon allow users to add 32 participants to an encrypted video call.
How do Call Links work
Other popular video conferencing platforms like — Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams already allow users to generate unique call links that help participants to join the call at their ease. The existing WhatsApp calling method is similar to phone calls, but call members can try adding other members during a call.

This feature is expected to be available for both Android and iOS platforms and will appear on the Calls tab of the WhatsApp Chat list. Here, users will be able to generate links for scheduled or instant calls (both voice and video) to share the link with their friends or family on individual chats or groups. Other participants can join the call anytime with that link depending on their convenience.
WhatsApp users are recommended to look out for an update of the app as the Call Links feature has already started rolling out for all users. There are some limitations to the generated call links. WhatsApp has mentioned that these call links will expire within 90 days and if people who don’t use WhatsApp receive these links, they will be redirected to download the app.
32-member encrypted video calls
As per the announcement, Whatsapp is also testing 32-member encrypted video calls which the company started testing in April. Zuckerberg didn’t mention when this feature will be available to end users, but we can expect the platform to roll it out as soon as possible to compete with its rivals.

Currently, the Meta-owned direct messaging platform allows only eight members of a group or individual users to connect to a video call. On the other hand, rival platform Telegram allows 1000 participants to join a call.
WhatsApp has also recently started testing the Communities feature. This feature will allow admins to create a community with multiple groups of several users like Discord and other platforms.

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