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Genrobotics launches robotic gait trainer ‘G-Gaiter’

Trivandrum: Genrobotics has launched its new robotic gait trainerG-Gaiter’ for the healthcare segment ensuring a faster recovery from paraplegic and gait disabilities.

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp, who is also an investor and board member of Genrobotics, launched G-Gaiter, in the presence of Anoop P Ambika, CEO, Kerala Start-up Mission; Dr Saji Gopinath, Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology; IAS Rathan U Kelkar, Secretary (Electronics & IT), Government of Kerala; Vimal Govind M K, CEO and Managing Director, Genrobotics; and Rashid K, Director, Genrobotics. Kerala’s health minister Veena George joined the event virtually.

For the recovery of patients having a paraplegic or gait disability, doctors and physiotherapists suggest gait training. For effective gait training, a patient is required to keep up with more than 900 steps which will result in an estimated time of four hours.

G-Gaiter’s AI-powered natural human gait pattern and rehabilitation functions aim to increase the consistency and quality of gait patterns. The functionality of the robot enables medical professionals to creatively tailor therapy to each patient’s particular needs in order to assist them with re-walking for perfection while also saving time and effort.

Although gait training technologies were available in western countries, they were hardly accessible. This domestically produced system could be brought into action at a much minimal rate with better quality and efficiency in both technical and non-technical ways. The major aim of the developers at Genrobotics is to make technology more affordable to patients by widening its scope of functionalities and implementing it in the rural parts of the country, thus bringing a ray of hope in the lives of these paraplegic and gait patients.

The team of Genrobotics began research for exoskeleton-based gait rehabilitation in early 2015. This extensive research has paved the way to develop their own technology called G-Plot. G-Gaiter is based on this technological platform.

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