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Global Hospitals organises conference addressing day-to-day issues in liver care

Mumbai: Liver disease affects millions of people worldwide, yet most are unaware they even have it until it’s too late. The Liver team at Global Hospitals, Mumbai, has started multiple initiatives and is committed to increasing awareness about undiagnosed Liver diseases and their symptoms while ensuring that those who are already suffering from liver disease have the best possible treatment options and outcomes.

Institute of Liver disease, HPB Surgery & Transplantation at Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai, organised a two-day medical conference ‘Grand Rounds in Hepatology – a Clinical Approach for Day to Day Issues in Liver Care’ where more than 750 digestive diseases specialists from across regional, national & international arena participated. The specialists shared their experience in managing liver diseases & appreciated the effort taken by the organisers in setting up the conference for clinical management of hepatology issues. Guest of Honour, Prof Debra Sudan, Chief Transplant Surgeon, Duke University Hospital, US, President – International Society of Intestinal Transplant, and Prof François Durand, Head of Liver Transplant and LICU, Hospital Beaujon, Paris, President – International Ascites Club and Anurag Yadav- IHH IOD CEO were among the exceptional faculty present in the conference.
Dr Samir R Shah, Director – Department of Transplant Hepatology, HPB, Liver Intensive Care, Global Hospitals, Mumbai said, “India bears the burden of a large population suffering from various liver ailments due to changing lifestyles. The challenges of managing these conditions in an optimal manner are many, including limitations of resources, hepatologists, and adequate healthcare facilities. With the Grand Rounds, we have tried to address specialists across, issues that they face in trying to identify and treat Liver diseases.”

Dr Ameet Mandot, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Adult Hepatology and Liver Transplant Unit – Global Hospitals, Mumbai said, “Early diagnosis and treatment of liver disease are essential to improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on the healthcare system. Liver is the only organ which regrows and therefore changes or modification in one’s lifestyle can help with the treatment. Modification in eating habits, following proper exercise regime, taking medications on time and regular follow up with specialists are steps that patients need to follow to prevent further progression of liver diseases.”

Dr Gaurav Chaubal, HPB Surgery & Liver Transplant, Global Hospitals, Mumbai mentioned that “Not all liver ailments require surgery. Most of them are managed well medically and only a select few end-stage liver problems require transplants or surgical intervention.”

Dr Vivek Talaulikar, CEO, Global Hospitals, Mumbai added, “The Grand rounds in Hepatology was organised with the intent to have all the specialists across India exchange best practices and learn from eminent faculty, Prof Debra Sudan and Prof Francois Durrand.”

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