Gotham Knights: Batgirl trailer shows Barbara Gordon’s martial skills

Continuing with the character trailers, DC and Warner Bros. have released another Gotham Knights trailer, this time featuring Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. As one of the four Gotham Knights, Barbara is not the paralysed Oracle who spends most of her working hours online on a wheelchair, assisting Batman and allies with invaluable intel, but a superheroine who has her physical and mental faculties intact and is ready to take the fight to the Court of Owls, the centuries-old cabal that is tightening its noose on Gotham in the absence of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon.
So what special skills does the superhero bring to the table? First off, she is shown to be quite adept with the tonfa. The tonfa can also be used to send shock waves through the ground to stun multiple enemies. Barbara is well-trained in kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu.
As Batgirl, Barbara can use the Bat-claw on her enemies to lock onto them for assault and uses it smartly to take down foes physically stronger than her. She has some special moves too like a multiple Batarang attack that can knock out a bunch of enemies rushing towards her. Also, she can take to the skies with the Bat-glider if she wishes to take the aerial route. To travel fast in the city, she has access to the Bat-cycle.
A member of the Bat-Family knows the value of stealth, and Barbara is also shown to make good use of it by getting the drop on thugs and taking them out by surprise. See for yourself in the character trailer.

Gotham Knights – Official Batgirl Character Trailer

Now that we have Batgirl’s character trailer, the only one left in the group is the Red Hood, the character who does not shy away from using guns (actually revels using them). Although we have seen a bit of Red Hood gameplay earlier in the playthrough demo released in May, the character trailer should throw more light on the renegade Knight’s abilities.

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