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Chennai hospital brings AI-enabled tool for diabetes care

Chennai: A tool that enables doctors to estimate the risk of complications such as eye or kidney disease in newly diagnosed diabetics, classifying them such as insulin resistant or insulin deficient and help offer tailor-made treatment and drug regimens, was launched by a city-based diabetic hospital on Thursday.

The tool, Diana (DIAbetes Novel subgroup Assessment) is part of the AI-enabled digital innovations under the hospital’s digital transformation. “We decided to bring in digital innovations based on our experience during the pandemic when we faced difficulties in managing our patient’s needs,” said Dr V Mohan, senior diabetologist and chairman of Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre. “Through AI-powered innovations, we offer expert medical advice accessible to everyone round the clock,” he said.

Besides Diana, the hospital launched two apps Dia and Diala. While Diana is for the doctors, the other two apps are for patient use. “We are hoping to prevent complications and improve treatment outcomes besides keeping in touch with patients constantly,” he said.

Dia is a chatbot offering information about diabetes, medicines used and diet. It helps patients schedule appointments and reminders for visits, lab tests and teleconsultation. During an emergency, or in pandemic situations, it connects with caregivers and patients.

Diala (DIAbetes Lifestyle Assistant Mobile Application) tracks weight, counts steps and diet plan adjustments. It also helps patients avail reports of tests done, glucose monitoring data and much more. The app is available on android and soon will be available on iOS.

“Today everyone has a smartphone and seamless data connectivity. Use of technology to provide information and assist our patients will not just keep patients informed but also improve care,” diabetologist Dr Anjana Mohan.

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