IAF chief to passing out cadets: Build multi-domain capabilities to execute operations in ‘shortened’ time frames.

Pune: The Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief VR Chaudhari on Monday said that future military officers need to build multi-domain capabilities to execute operations in ‘shortened’ time frames in the present security dynamics.

The Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari was the Reviewing Officer (RO) of the passing out parade of the 142nd course of the National Defence Academy (NDA).


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While addressing the passing out cadets, he said, “Warfare is undergoing a fundamental change with the emergence of new technology and radically newer doctrines. India’s security dynamics involve multi-faceted threats and challenges. It would require us to build multi-domain capabilities and execute operations simultaneously and in shortened timeframes.”
He advised the passing-out cadets to be abreast with technological advancement.

“You all are joining this noble profession when our country is on the cusp of a technological transformation. All three services have invested heavily in next-generation war-fighting machines. You, as future operators of these highly potent systems, need to be fully conversant with them which can be achieved only through rigorous training, dedication, and a professional approach,” he added.

As the world is gradually moving away from conventional warfighting methods, he said, “It is imperative for all of us to adapt to the change rapidly so that we can innovate and refine our processes of warfighting.”

Speaking on the leadership, the IAF chief said, “Your men will read you and watch every action of yours. Honesty and integrity will help you keep a clear conscience and give you the confidence to stand up for your convictions”

The IAF chief said that the armed forces expect ‘exceptional professionalism’ and ‘unquestioned integrity.

“We expect you to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and moral values that reflect the dignity and pride of being in the profession of arms. We expect you to be fair, consistent, and selfless while at work and to have compassion and understanding when dealing with your subordinates,” he said.

While talking about the challenges during the service, the IAF chief said that during the crunch situation you will need to decide whether to choose the ‘harder right’ or the ‘easier wrong’.

“Physical and moral courage to stand up to what is right will hold you in good stead. You all are on a path less traveled, so tread carefully. You will be required to lead from the front and adapt to emerging situations with alacrity because the men and women you will command will look up to you, don’t let them down,” he said.

The IAF chief said advised the cadets to be strong to face hardships in the service.

“In the coming years, you are bound to face certain hardships in

your career. Never allow these hardships and constraints to affect you mentally and physically. There is an old adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”- this should be the motto of your career and you should remain physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to meet and accept all challenges in life.”

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