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IIT-Roorkee, AIIMS-Delhi develop app for pregnant women

Roorkee: Researchers at IIT-Roorkee, in collaboration with AIIMS-Delhi, have developed an app, ‘SwasthGarbh‘, for providing antenatal care and real-time medical support to pregnant women. This can be a vital tool for women in rural areas and those who do not have easy access to doctors or medical facilities, according to researchers.

This is also the first pregnancy app that provides instant access to doctor’s advice, and is clinically endorsed, as well as credible. It provides real-time medical assistance in case of an emergency. It can keep a track of recommended clinical tests and automatically send customised notifications to patients.

Both patients and doctors can avail of the app’s benefits free of cost on Google Play Store. The app can assist pregnant women with hospital visits by informing them when they are due and what tests they have to undergo.

Sahil Sharma and prof Deepak Sharma from the department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT-Roorkee, along with prof Vatsla Dadhwal and prof Aparna Sharma from AIIMS-Delhi, were involved in its development.

Prof KK Pant, director, IIT-Roorkee, said, “This is a new vehicle in the fast emerging area of telemedicine in healthcare. It provides real-time medical support to all pregnant women and improves maternal-foetal health.”

Prof Rama Chaudhry, dean (research), AIIMS-Delhi, said, “SwasthGarbh app will be useful for providing potential solutions to common problems in pregnancy. Our goal is to make the app reach every household in the country and thus save precious maternal-foetal lives.”

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