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Johnny Chan Fan Hui, a former learner of the Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics by the University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with Great Learning, writes in his review about the flexibility and workability of the course. The lectures are conducted online, and it is ensured that people from all across the globe can attend the classes together. Johnny, in his review, writes that,

“The learning experience with great learning was steep but manageable. The program and structure were flexible and perfect for a working professional like me who does not want to quit his job for a full-time career nor rush off from work to attend a fixed, part-time course.”

Johnny appreciates the credibility and relevance of the modules, which are carefully designed following the updated market trends. He mentions the importance of the mentoring sessions, which allowed them to expand their horizon about real-world situations in this field. Johnny writes,

“On top of the adequacy of the syllabus and the learning content, the live mentor coding sessions were valuable for new learners to improve practical coding proficiency and clarify techniques.”

The capstone project helps the learner to understand the concepts practically. The project is a means for the learners to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. It ensures that the learners understand their concepts thoroughly and are all prepared for the future. Johnny, in his review, mentions that,

“The capstone project was a monumental endpoint for me as it recapped our learning journey and tested our readiness for a career in data science.”

Dedicated program support allows the learners to complete their program successfully with ease. The program managers assist you right from the beginning to the end of the course in every way possible. Johnny, in his review, appreciates the support from the program manager and states that,

“Importantly, the support of the program management is prompt, and they would do their best to adjust your course structure to your professional, and personal situation should any unforeseen predicament arise.”

The courses at Great Learning are thus the most appropriate and comprehensive courses available to sharpen your skills and accelerate your career to another height.

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