Landing Gear with Airdrop Device for DJI Air 2S and Mavic Air 2 Accessories,Drone Fishing, Flower Delivery, Advertising, Party Gift Delivery, Marriage Proposal, Search and Rescue, Non-contact Medical Item Delivery

Price: $32.99
(as of Aug 23,2022 22:12:21 UTC – Details)

【APPLICATION】Drones Baiting, Drone Fishing, Drop Fishing Line, Flower Delivery, Gift Delivery, Marriage Proposal, Outdoor Rescue, Delivery of Medical Items, Advertising
【ONE-STEP OPERATION】Easy to Install and Operate, You Can Control the Downward Vision Light of the Drone by the Original Remote Control. then when Airdrop Senses the Light, It Drops. Its Remote Control Range is As Wide As the Drone.
【PRODUCT ADVANTAGES】With Height Extension Landing Gear to Ensure Takeoff and Landing Safety; with Downward-vision Lights to Accurately Drop at Night; with Light-controlled Sensor to Achieve 7.4 Mile Long-distance Drop.
【PRODUCT PARAMETERS】Maximum Load: 1.1 Pounds (including Product Weight), Built-in Battery Capacity: 100mah, Charging Time: 1.2 Hours, Airdrop Times After Fully Charged: About 400 Times.

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