Lifestyle habits that keep your kidney strong

Modern lifestyle has brought other problems also like sleep deprivation, medicine abuse, adulterated foods, pollution, and loneliness. Each one has its negative consequences. Lifestyle modification is the need of the hour. To avoid getting entrapped in the vicious cycle of lifestyle-associated disorders follow the below-mentioned golden rules:

1- There is no alternative to a minimum of 30 min of moderate activity for 5 or more days per week or 20 min of vigorous activity 3 or more times per week.

2- Stop smoking and limit alcohol intake

3- Reduce salt and refined sugar, include more vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses, plant-based

protein items, fish, eggs, whole grains, and liquid in the diet.

4- Aim for a healthy weight.

5- Avoid over-the-counter available medicines, herbs, and chemicals.

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