Love capsule: I found my boyfriend cheating on me with my ex bestie at a Durga Puja Pandal

In the summer of 2018, my parents and my boyfriend’s parents decided that it was time the two of us settled down. Our wedding date was fixed for the end of the year. I was screaming with excitement from the inside because all I ever wanted was to spend my life with the one who I loved so dearly. He made me all giddy, excited and happy.

My boyfriend and I had been together for over 8 years; we were college sweethearts. We had been through so much together—me moving to a different state, us doing long distance and so much more. He was my pillar of strength and my family was happy with our relationship.

I shifted to Pune in 2017 for an excellent work opportunity. I left Kolkata with a heavy heart and it pained me to leave him because maintaining a long-distance relationship was going to be very tough, we both knew it. But thankfully, everything went quite well. There were occasional fights here and there but we never stopped being there for each other.

Fast forward to 2018’s Durga Puja time; I came back home to spend some much-needed time with my family and boyfriend. And I was elated. My boyfriend came to see me and to my surprise, he had grown much more handsome and well-built. I was drooling! I wanted to go out with him for some time to a nearby puja pandal, but I decided to rest; I was too tired from all the travelling. My boyfriend had gone out to enjoy and so, I decided to join him later in our nearby pandal to give him a surprise. After all, he was going to see me in a saree after so long!

I decked myself up in the evening and went to our neighbourhood puja pandal. I could hear the similar cheer, laughter and the sound of the drums beating. It filled me with even more excitement. But what I saw when I reached there shocked me. My boyfriend was giggling with another woman, who was none other than my former best friend. She and I parted ways as friends after a huge argument a few years back. We didn’t talk to each other the entire time and to now see her and my boyfriend sharing a laugh together made me furious. She stayed in my neighbourhood so our meeting was inevitable. But I went back to my house and asked my boyfriend to meet me there so that we could go out somewhere else. I didn’t want to meet my ex-best friend at all.

I turned a blind eye to this incident, but now I know, I shouldn’t have.

Everything went quite well, except on the last day of Durga Puja, I wasn’t feeling well and I had a flight the next day so I had to get better. But I thought I should celebrate Durga Puja one last time before I go to Pune again. And so, I mustered up the strength and went to the pandal to see everyone rejoicing. Amid that, I saw my boyfriend and my ex-best friend holding hands and looking at each other lovingly. They gave each other the gaze that only lovers can give each other. Shocked, terrified and angry, I stormed up to them and saw my boyfriend freeze. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

I asked what was going on. And my ex-best friend asked what my problem was since she was holding hands with her boyfriend. That confused me so much! In return, I said that he was my boyfriend too and that we were together for around 8 years. My ex-best friend looked shocked and said that they were together since 2017. We both looked at the shameless man in front of us who hung his head in shame. I felt like slapping him. We were about to get married and here he was, cheating on me! But before I could react, she slapped him. And next, I did. And then the entire crowd looked at us. We screamed at how big of a rascal he was. We both made sure to embarrass him in front of everyone.

My ex-best friend and I stormed out of the pandal and met at our home. We both felt extremely hurt, betrayed and in pain. But there she was, she put a hand over mine and smiled wearily. That somehow gave me the strength to talk to her about all of this.

Fast forward to today, my ex-best friend and I are back together as best friends once again. We let go of a horrible guy only to come out stronger as friends. And this is better than anything else!

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