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Origin Fertility launches ‘Repeat IVF Failure Management Clinic’

Hyderabad: In order to address the IVF failure experienced by couples in their pursuit to become parents Repeat IVF Failure Management (RIFM) clinic was launch today, on the occasion of World IVF Day.

Origin Fertility has started this RIFM clinic to provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary fertility care with highly experienced specialists from specialities like endocrinology, immunology, genetics, embryology and andrology, rendering personalised care. The centre has treated several couples who underwent two to three unsuccessful cycles of IVF, to conceive.

The repeated failures to enable pregnancy through IVF has multifarious reasons including unsuccessful implanting to the uterus wall, problem associated with the mother or embryo, age of the woman, endometrial receptivity, genetic issues, immunological issues like rejection of good embryo because of maternal auto antibodies, endometriosis or previous IVF not being managed properly and sometimes idiopathic.

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