People benefitting from CBSL governor’s decisions: Sabry defends Dr. Weerasinghe

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry says certain individuals are trying to remove Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe from his position as the Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Speaking in the Parliament today (Sep 02) during the parliamentary debate on the interim budget speech, the minister stated that he was appointed the Minister of Finance amidst the public upheaval, as no one else was willing to take up the challenge. He said he accepted the ministerial portfolio as negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were of great importance.

“The discussions that we started with the IMF have become successful today.”

Speaking with regard to the accusations raised on the decision to suspend debt repayment, the lawmaker said the government was in a dilemma whether debt should be serviced or the remaining amount of reserves should be used for essentials.

Defending the decision to suspend the debt repayment, Minister Sabry said that it was taken after much deliberation with relevant officials.

The lawmaker, stating that Dr. Weerasinghe gave him necessary advices to make the decision, said that if someone wants to strip the Central Bank governor of the position, he is ready to step down instead. 

Today, the people are benefiting from the decisions made by Dr. Weerasinghe as the Central Bank Governor, Minister Sabry said further.

Speaking further, he said:  “Our loyalty is to the people of this country. No one else will stand by that. If anything causes against our conscience, we are not going to be a part of this. If anybody has any problem with that decision, it has to be with the Finance Minister. I was the Finance Minister then. I am ready to face anything. But don’t go after honest brave officials who have done what is best for the country. He never wanted this [position as the CBSL governor]. We wanted him to come.”

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