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New Delhi: In the 90th episode of Mann Ki Baat, PM Narendra Modi Sunday reminded the nation about the imposition of Emergency 47 years ago, recalling how the “right to life and liberty” was snatched from citizens and an attempt was made to crush democracy.
Later, in his address to the Indian diaspora in Munich, the PM again spoke about the Emergency: “This day is also known for another reason… Forty-seven years ago, it was on June 26 when democracy was made hostage, an attempt was made to crush democracy, which is our pride and in the DNA of each Indian.”
Emergency a dark spot on vibrant democracy: Modi
Speaking about the Emergency, PM Narendra Modi on Sunday said it had been a “dark spot on the vibrant democracy of the country”. But, “the people of the country countered such conspiracies in a democratic manner and we all feel proud of our democracy,” he said in his address to the Indian diaspora in Munich.
Earlier in his Mann Ki Baat, Modi said, “I want to ask a question to the youth of today’s generation, to the youth in
the age group of 24-25 years, and the question is very serious… do ponder my question over. Did you know that when
your parents were your age, once even their right to life was snatched away from them? You must be thinking how could this have happened? This is just impossible! But this had happened once in our country,” the PM said as he started the radio talk with reference to Emergency and the mass movement that followed which he said was of great importance in the life of every citizen of the country.
The PM said, “This took place years ago in 1975. It was the month of June when Emergency was imposed. All the rights were taken away from the citizens of the country. One of those rights was the ‘Right to Life and Personal Liberty’ provided to all Indians under Article 21 of the Constitution. An attempt was made to crush democracy. The country’s courts, every constitutional institution and the press were put under control. The censorship was such that nothing could be printed without approval.”
Modi said when famous singer Kishore Kumar refused to applaud the government, he was banned and he was not
allowed on radio. “But even after thousands of arrests and atrocities on lakhs of people, the faith of the people of India in democracy was not shaken… not at all! For us, the people of India, the ‘sanskars’ of democracy which we have been carrying on for centuries, the democratic spirit which is in our veins finally won,” he said.
The PM said the people of India eventually reestablished democracy in a democratic way. “It is difficult to find such an example of defeating a dictatorial mindset, a dictatorial tendency in a democratic way, in the whole world,” he said.
Recalling his own experience of those days, Modi said, “During the Emergency, I had the good fortune to have been
a witness; to be a partner in the struggle of the countrymen — as a soldier of democracy. Today, when the country is celebrating 75 years of its independence, celebrating Amrit Mahotsav, we should never forget that dreadful period of Emergency. The generations to come should also not forget. The Amrit Mahotsav not only encompasses the victory saga of freedom from hundreds of years of slavery, but also the journey of 75 years after independence. We move forward, learning from every important stage of history.”
Emergency was announced in the country on June 25, 1975, and lifted on March 21, 1977.
Hailing sportspersons for their recent achievements, Modi said Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra made the country proud by winning the gold in Kuortane Games.
“ In the recently held Khelo India Youth Games too, our players set many records. You would love to know that a
total of 12 records were broken in these games — not only that, 11 records have been registered in the names of female players,” Modi said.

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