Practical Decision-Making Skills using Data Science – Akhmad Nurhidayat

Practical Decision Making Using Data Science

Akhmad Nurhidayat, a former learner of the Practical Decision Making Using Data Science Program by the National University of Singapore in collaboration with Great Learning, has mastered his current job role as a Director of Finance. The program has empowered him to make suitable and effective decisions by leveraging the power of data. 

He mentions in his review that, 

“As top executives, we should make decisions based on data. The program provides the tools and the methods to do it.”

The program structure allows the working professionals to manage the program and their ongoing jobs. The recorded video lectures permit the learners to learn from across the globe at their convenience. The modules facilitate basic as well as advanced concepts relating to the field. 

Talking about the program structure, Akhmad mentions that,

“The program is prepared well. We utilize our time during our professional working days and can do to finish the program on the weekend.”

Along with detailed modules, the program adopts a holistic approach by allowing its learners to gain practical experience. The learners are assigned hands-on projects which provide them with knowledge about real-world situations. It will enable them to apply their theoretical knowledge to actual problems in the real world. 

Akhmad appreciates the capstone project and mentions that,

“The best of the program is the sequence of the case study and project. The capstone project was the last project we completed with people of different backgrounds and nationalities.”

The program enables all its learners to excel in their careers by providing appropriate and market-relevant skills. It allows comprehensive growth of the learners and prepares them to be the leaders of the future. 

Akhmad highlights how he implemented the skills acquired during the program and was able to grow in his career and mentions that,

“One of my implementations is to make a simulation for the investment project proposal before deciding. This program gave a lot of benefits and made my job more efficient and simpler.”

The Practical Decision Making Using Data Science Program by the National University of Singapore in collaboration with Great Learning enables its learners to harness the power of data science to be a cut above in their respective careers.

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