Rakesh Tikait: ‘Govt wants to have me killed’; Farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait hits out at BJP over ink attack | India News

NEW DELHI: Rakesh Tikait, national spokesman for the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), has accused the BJP of plotting to get him killed. Tikait termed the recent ink attack on him in Karnataka, a “well-planned conspiracy”.
He said that the government “wants to get him killed” and that the attacks on him in Karnataka and Delhi are proof enough.
“The government wants to get me killed to break the Tikait family and the sangathan (union). But this will never happen,” the farmers’ leader, who was at the forefront of the anti-farm law protest, said.
Tikait was speaking at a review meeting of BKU at Dharmeshwari Farm in Jangethi village of Meerut district.

Tikait alleged there was a plot to assassinate him when he went to General Bipin Rawat‘s house in Delhi to pay respect to him after he died in a helicopter crash last December.
He emphasised that now is a critical moment that cannot be squandered in infighting since the government is attempting to destroy the farmers’ union through “sabotage” politics.
“The Tikait family has always raised the farmers’ voice strongly and will continue doing it. After Baba Mahendra Singh Tikait, Naresh Tikait has now dedicated himself to the cause. The Tikait family will not succumb to the pressure,” he asserted.
The BKU leader also tried to draw a comparison between his ink assault and the killing of Mahatma Gandhi.
He said that, much as Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by “conspirators,” anyone who speak up for the country and its farmers are targeted by “conspirators.”

“If some harm comes to one Tikait, then lakhs of Tikaits are ready to raise the Inquilabi flag in the country,” he said.
Before the elections, he said that the Uttar Pradesh government had promised free electricity for irrigation but now farmers are being “harassed by installing meters on tube wells”, which will not be tolerated.
Appealing to farmers to get maximum number of people under the union’s fold, the farmer leader said that only a strong and united fight against the government will fetch results.
“The fight is on will continue until the government comes to the negotiating table. Till then, there will be no solution,” he concluded.
Ink attack on BKU leader
Three individuals assaulted the farmer leader with ink during a news conference in Bengaluru on May 30. The suspects pretended to be journalists when they entered Gandhi Bhavan.
On the guise of fixing a microphone, one of the accused assaulted Tikait with the microphone, while another splashed ink on him. They also chanted the phrase “Modi, Modi.”
According to police, one of the accused was a murder convict released from jail for good conduct.
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Watch Bengaluru: Black ink thrown on farmer leader Rakesh Tikait at an event

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