Referee Jagbir Singh stands vindicated, UWW stamps his decision in Satender Malik bout | More sports News

NEW DELHI: Referee Jagbir Singh’s decision to award two points to Mohit for a take-down move while reviewing the 125kg CWG trial bout against Satender Malik has been backed by UWW referee commission which has termed the review as correct.
The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), which was accused of bias by Satender on social media, had sent the video of the bout to the UWW referee commission, seeking second opinion.
UWW Referee Commission members Antonio Silvestri and Ibrahim Cicioglu analysed the video and concluded that “the referee team did a good job and the correct wrestler was declared as winner of the bout.”
The WFI received the reply from UWW on May 29.
A huge controversy had erupted when a frustrated Satender slapped Jagbir after the review which went in favour of his rival Mohit. The WFI had then slapped a life ban on Satender for the unprecedented assault.
“I knew from that day that my decision was right, I have spent my whole life either watching or judging wrestling bouts. It’s been 32 years now. I am a qualified UWW referee and since 2007 I have been to 15 World Championships,” Jagbir told PTI.
“Now the Air Force must re-think. They took him for wrestling and he is now banned for life. It was surprising that the Air Force did not even send a staffer along with their wrestlers,” he added.
The WFI has now suspended mat chairman Sanjay Kumar and judge Jitender Mann for one year each for not doing their job properly.
They had awarded only one push out to Mohit while the on-mat referee had given two points for take-down as well. The matter had reached the jury but since the jury agreed with the mat chairman and judge, the selection committee asked a technical expert (Jagbir) to take a decision.

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