Riot Games introduces new Indian agent for Valorant: Origin story, abilities and more

Valorant is set to add its 21st agent which is an Indian character. The newest Valorant agent — Harbor — will boast a utility kit that will feature water-based abilities. Earlier, the game uploaded a video trailer on YouTube to introduce Harbor and reveal the character’s origin story. Now, a new gameplay trailer has revealed Harbor’s abilities which include stopping bullets and slowing down opponents temporarily. The new Valorant agent is set to join the game with the upcoming Episode 5 Act 3 which will release on October 18. However, Valorant is allowing some select players to test the new character before its official arrival.
Valorant new Indian agent Harbor: Origin story
The first trailer video reveals the origin story of the new Valorant agent. The videos reveal that Harbor’s real name is Varun Batra and the character hails from India. Initially, Harbor worked for an agency called Realm which collects ancient relics.

On Harbor’s last mission for Realm, Batra was betrayed by a senior team member while they were looking for an artefact in Mumbai. This relic will offer agent Batra water-bending powers and will eventually turn him into agent Harbor.
The teammate who betrays Harbor will inform Realm that agent Batra has stolen the artefact which instigates Realm to hunt down its rogue agent. During one such encounter between Harbor and Realm operatives in Delhi, he will be saved by Brimstone who will also welcome him to Valorant.

TURN THE TIDES – Harbor Agent Trailer // VALORANT

Valorant new Indian agent Harbor: Abilities
The latest gameplay trailer video of Harbor also showcases his water-based abilities. The video reveals that the upcoming character is a controller agent who takes over a site and controls it.
One of the abilities allows Harbor to create water barriers (like Phoenix’s wall of fire) that can go through obstacles and can also slow down enemies as they pass through them. Another ability helps the new agent to create a bullet-proof shield which is made of water. This shield can also stop bullets and can be destroyed with enough damage.
Apart from this, Harbor can also create water walls to block exits and entrances and its ultimate ability allows the agent to detect the locations of the enemy. This ability will affect all agents in the target area irrespective of the height they are standing at.

Harbor Official Gameplay Reveal // VALORANT

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