Shocking! 23 contact lenses removed from woman’s eye

In a bizarre incident, a doctor has removed 23 contact lenses from a woman’s eyes. A video posted by an Instagram account california_eye_associates shows how the lenses were removed from the woman’s eyes in bulk.

“A rare occasion when someone “forgot” to remove contact lenses at night and kept on putting a new one in every morning. 23 days in a row!!! I got to deliver the contact lens bunch yesterday in my clinic,” the account has captioned the video.

Contact lenses are thin pieces of lens which are directly placed on the eyes. A substitute for spectacles, contact lenses are used for aesthetic purposes as well. Since it directly goes into the eyes, doctors advise wearers to remove it after 8-10 hours of use.

The lenses need to be put in solutions in order to keep them disinfected so that they are safe enough to be worn again.

The woman in the video wore those lenses and did not remove them. She kept on wearing a new one for 23 days in a row.

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One user has asked “Ok but… do you not feel them in the back?” To those who are unknown, contact lenses cause irritation even when they are not worn properly. Slight disorientation during wearing them can cause severe discomfort to the eyes. However, it is hard to believe that the woman could not feel so many lenses buried inside her eye socket.

Another user seems to have a valid reply for those who are questioning the woman: “Poor thing.. you can tell she an elderly woman .. she probably didn’t think much of it alot of older people think pain and discomfort is usually normal and take it as much as possible because. There old and think and feel now one really cares”

“You are my Guinness record patient,” the doctor can be heard saying.

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