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Simulator mannequins to replace live patients

Lucknow: After announcing skill labs for undergraduate medical students, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to set up similar labs for nursing students.

An order issued by the state medical education department said that a high-level committee has finalized the specifications for the skill labs and procurement of the equipment will be initiated soon. In a skill lab, the students will be able to understand diseases, medical conditions and their treatment in a live situation with the help of simulator mannequins — male, female and children — which are programmed to recreate medical conditions. Till now, most of the learning was on live patients which posed certain inherent and unnecessary risks.

For instance, if students are to be taught about brain stroke jaundice, the mannequin can be programmed so that it shows primary symptoms of the disease and students can see how medication and intervention can help in treating a patient without the fear of inadvertently damaging the patient’s health.

The purpose is to provide a safe environment for students to learn, practice and observe performing skills in a simulated environment thus mitigating the risks involved in direct exposure to patients without adequate preparation and supervision. They are also used to enhance – clinical, motor and communication skills – as well as team work.

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