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Singapore's StarHub launches app to link patients, doctors with Fitbit

Telecom company StarHub on Friday launched an app to link patients to their doctors with Fitbit data for better healthcare management.

LifeHub+ is a personalised health service app in collaboration with Alexandra Hospital and ConnectedLife with Fitbit. The company said it has 300 patients on-board for the launch.

“We believe in the massive potential of technology in transforming healthcare and improving patient experience“, said Johan Buse, Chief of Consumer Business Group, StarHub. “With LifeHub+, clinicians can access the latest health data and evaluate their patients’ wellness quickly and accurately, and intervene early when they discover risk factors”, he added.

The health and wellness data in the application include Fitbit metrics which can be shared, such as steps, exercise, sleep patterns, heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and more.

More than 30 general practitioners have expressed interest in the app to better manage their patients’ health.

“Wearable health trackers which are linked to health and care teams in the hospital and the community can help empower users to proactively manage their chronic conditions before deterioration”, said Dr Jason Phua, CEO of Alexandra Hospital.

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