The pros and cons of having ghee everyday

Ghee is believed to be good for the body as it has healthy fats and is rich in protein. Clarified butter has milk fats and protein, which is considered safe for heart health, when consumed in moderation. As per studies, taking a small portion of ghee on a daily basis can boost overall health, strengthen bones and improve gut health. According to another research, it was found that the nutrients in ghee had a positive effect on the stomach ulcers and helped in several digestive ailments. Apart from that, ghee works as a natural laxative and helps in better bowel function, it is also used as a potent remedy for constipation.

As per the books of Ayurveda, ghee was also used as an active ingredient in several ancient medicines. Not only is it good for consumption, but at the same time is great for skin and hair health. In fact, applying ghee over burns can work like magic. Several people use ghee to moisturize their skin as well, and needless to say, it works better than those cosmetics!

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