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Treating a patient with pills alone is over, it is time for digital health!

Dr Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Founder-Health Parliament and former advisor to the Health Minister, Government of India spoke to ETHealthworld’s Prathiba Raju on how healthcare is adopting technology faster than we can imagine. Further elucidated about the ‘Certified Digital Health Professional’ (CDHP) course blending the fields of health, technology, and management. How this course jointly offered by Digital Health Academy and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur. will equip clinicians, paramedics, healthcare professionals, and managers to understand the digital health domain and te deployment of digital health tools.

What is digital health? Why do we need a course in digital health?

Broadly speaking using technology to deliver healthcare is digital health, and during COVID-19, all of us have used digital health in some form or the other. Healthcare is adopting technology faster than we can imagine. Online doctor appointments are now widespread, and using mobile apps for doctors’ consultations and management of chronic diseases is now a reality.

The software is now prescribed like a drug (SaaD), and software is now a medical device (SaMD); it is only that some have not used it while others have, and soon the number of people asking for digital therapeutics is going to increase. The age of treating patients with medicines alone is over, now, we would need technology for handling the new-age patient, and that’s why every doctor handling a patient will have to use digital health. The role of the doctor is becoming that of an infomediary. Technology is changing the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

The gap between what is happening and what is being taught is huge, and technology does not wait for anyone. Those who use digital health will replace those who don’t; hence, it is important to understand this digital health domain and be prepared so that people don’t miss it when the opportunity knocks. This course will help learners secure their organisation’s future and medical practice.

This course will equip clinicians, paramedics, healthcare professionals, and managers to understand the digital health domain and the deployment of digital health tools. Also, now ABDM is incentivising the adoption of electronic health records, every single provider will need people qualified in digital health to serve the patients under various government schemes and through the use of ABHA numbers. Also, newer technologies like the metaverse will impact healthcare. So, such a course will be a basic enabler for existence in the healthcare sector.

Why is this an online course?

Given that working professionals and doctors find it difficult to attend a college or a university to learn about digital health, we created this fully online course with the world’s best faculty teaching digital health from their years of experience in digital health. Also, for digital health, the course should be delivered digitally.

What did it take to build this course?

The course was developed with over two years of research with the world’s top authorities on digital health. The course was designed in consultation with over 60 global leaders across the healthcare domain working in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, research & development, med-tech, information technology, regulators, and policymakers spread across the US, the UK, EU, South-East Asia, Africa, and after research in over 100 countries on the course’s need and content. The course is a unique blend of the world’s best faculty and use cases in digital health.

Tell us a bit more about the course.

This is the world’s first ‘Certified Digital Health Professional’ (CDHP) course blending the fields of health, technology, and management. The CDHP course has three levels; Basic, Advanced and Professional. This course aims to provide knowledge on theoretical, technological, management, and application aspects of digital health across the continuum of care. The faculty of CDHP are the actual practitioners of digital health & management. They are global health technology leaders who have developed and delivered digital health. After this course, people will understand the digital health domain and how to deploy digital tools in day-to-day practice and gain a competitive advantage. The learners will get a theoretical, technological, management, and application-level understanding of key digital health tools.

What is the career perspective for those taking this course? Who will award the certificate for this course ?

This Post Graduate Certificate Course in the field of digital health offers people an opportunity to be formally qualified and trained professionals in digital health. This course can help build a career in;

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Consulting & Advisory services
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Medical Device
  • InformationTechnology
  • Academics& Research
  • DigitalisingMedical/ Clinical Practice
  • PublicPolicy & Regulation
  • DigitalHealth Project Management
  • Marketing& Business Development for Organisations in Digital Health
  • DevelopDigital Health Solution
  • Insurance
  • Entrepreneursin Digital Health

The course certificate will be awarded by IIM Raipur and Digital Health Academy, and those successfully completing the course will become executive alumni of IIM Raipur. Also, the academy will list the learners in the certified digital health professionals directory.

What is the international recognition for this course? What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in this course?

The course is endorsed by two of the most prominent bodies in digital health; the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth, Switzerland, and the European Connected Health Alliance

Graduation degree or its equivalent with work experience of a minimum of two years. Clinicians and healthcare professionals and managers can apply.

How many seats are being offered and what is the fee structure?

Currently, there are only 200 seats available for the 2023 cohort. For Indian students, the fee structure is Rs 3.6 lakh plus applicable taxes and for foreign students, the fee is $7,000. The fees are inclusive of tuition fees, material/notes & alumni fees. Also a three-day contact programme is available as an option at IIM Raipur.

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