Two arrested over armed robbery of Rs. 2.1 million in cash

Two people have been arrested in connection with the robbery of a sum of Rs. 2.1 million, which was being transported to be deposited in a bank.

A mini-van used in the robbery, a three-wheeler and a motorcycle used for surveillance before carrying out the crime and a sword have also been taken into custody along with the two suspects, according to the Mt. Lavinia Crime Division.

The two suspects were arrested in Mt. Lavinia and the Baldiwatta area of Thelawala, Ratmalana.

Four persons who had arrived in a van had abducted the manager of a wholesale store, when he was walking to the bank with Rs. 2.1 million in cash on October 04.

Thereafter the four suspects had beaten the manager in question and left him in the Alwis Road area of Katubedda and fled.

Police investigations have revealed that the four suspects had come to Malabe via Ratmalana, Thelawala, Bokundara and Maharagama, and divided the stolen money between them.

It has been uncovered during police investigations regarding the robbery that, “Baldiwatte Sanjeewa”, an accomplice of an organized criminal gang leader and drug trafficker known as “Ratmalane Roha”, who was shot dead by the police, had planned the robbery.

The suspect in question has already fled the area, according to police.

Police stated that the van used in the robbery had been taken on a rental basis on September 23, from a car rental place within Bandaragama.

The suspects had planned to rob the same individual when he was on the way to deposit money on a previous occasion, but had failed, the police said.

It is reported that one of the two arrested suspects is a person who had been imprisoned for a period of 12 years in connection with a robbery committed in the Nugegoda area.

The suspects are scheduled to be produced before Moratuwa Magistrate’s Court.

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