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Hyderabad: Ukraine-returned medicos get Uzbekistan offer, prefer local

Hyderabad: Even as Uzbekistan came forward to accommodate Ukraine-returned medical students in its universities, parents of the aggrieved medicos said that it will be ideal if their wards can be accommodated in their home country. They said that they are ready to pay the annual fee that they are paying back in Ukraine.

“My son, Vinay, completed three years of MBBS. We have no option except to send him whoever accepts. But, we would prefer he stays back and continue his education in Hyderabad,” said R Santosh Kumar, an aggrieved parent.

Vinay, a student of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, Ukraine, had to return home during the war and completed his third year second semester in online mode.

“Initially, we used to get calls from government about my son. Now, no one is bothered. I don’t understand why the governments cannot accommodate their students. We are ready to pay a little more than what we are paying in Ukraine, if needed,” he added.

In March, about 20,000 Indian students studying in Ukraine had to return to India due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Initially, the central government had said that they would try to accommodate students in medical colleges here, however, it informed the Supreme Court that it cannot admit Ukraine returnees to Indian medical colleges. On average, these students were paying 5 lakh per annum towards college and hostel fees for a six-year MBBS course.

“I sent hundreds of tweets to both state and central ministers, handles of Russian and Ukraine politicians about my daughter’s future, but received no response. It would be great if students are given an option to study here,” said M Meher Srinivas Rao, whose daughter completed four years of education in Ukraine.

Rao said that his daughter, who is among those students who received provisional allotment from the Uzbekistan ambassador Dilshod Akhatov, would be heading to Uzbekistan to study the fifth and sixth year of medicine if there was no other option.

“I cannot afford to send her to any other country. Though the fee in Uzbekistan is less than that of Ukraine, we are being asked to pay the same amount. I am ready to pay additional fee if it means she will get to complete her education,” he added.

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