wwdc 2022: iPadOS 16: How the Apple iPad may not be the same after this ‘major’ upgrade

WWDC is getting closer and with all the other expectations regarding the OS updates to various Apple devices, the iPadOS is also expected to get new ones. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is ready with yet another of his predictions regarding what new features could be announced for the iPadOS.
According to Gurman, the iPadOS 16 update to be announced at WWDC this year is going to be “one of the biggest upgrades” a big part of which would be the introduction of a redesigned multitasking interface which shows the background apps. Also, the tablet could get features that let users resize app windows, and since the focus is on multitasking, handle multiple apps simultaneously. As per the tech journalist, the idea is to make the iPad function more like a laptop and less like a phone.
Currently, the iPad supports one app in full screen and two apps in split view. With the two apps open side by side, you can also get another one in the Slide Over view. That might change with the new multi-tasking centric features and the changes are expected to expand upon the app slide over feature, as per Gurman. How flexible the new interface is going to feel to users can only be gauged after the reviews come in.
When it comes to what could be new in store for iOS, Apple may introduce a new lock screen featuring widgets, as per a Bloomberg report. Apple is also believed to reportedly revamp the Health app and bring new audio and social networking-related features to Messages


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